The Events Management Team at Sheffield Hallam University are delighted to host and celebrate the 20th Anniversary AEME Forum. The theme for the forum is The Value of Events and Events Education, reflecting on the success, challenges, development and future of events education and the events industry.

The ‘Event Educators Forum 2024’ is a celebratory event that welcomes academics, industry guests and alumni to exchange ideas, practices and future thinking. The programme includes keynote talks, panel discussions and the presentation and discussion of research papers, case studies and educational and industry experiences.

Delegates and guests can expect a welcoming environment for open discussions about a wide range of topics related to:

  • Current research themes and events studies.
  • The success, direction, opportunities and challenges for events education and the events industry.
  • The impact and contribution of events-related degrees and graduates to the industry.

For further information about AEME membership, which includes one free place per member institution for The Event Educators Forum 2024 forum (excluding accommodation) visit Association for Events Management Education (AEME).

Celebrating AEME’s 20th Anniversary

From clipboards to wearable tech and from overhead projectors to chatGPT, we know much has changed in events and events education since AEME was founded in 2004, reflected in published research and texts.

As events educators we also know the value of events management degrees and that many of our graduates are in high calibre, professional roles, enjoying successful freelance careers or running their own businesses. They tell us their degrees were instrumental in their achievements and share their successes and through social and business media. Thousands of students have entered the industry in the last 20 years and we now enjoy seeing alumni as employers of newly qualified graduates.

As the the industry has developed over the last 20 years, so has events education and most events management courses embed career development alongside cutting edge research informed teaching. We therefore invite colleagues to share thoughts and insights about curent and future developments in events research and events education.

Events studies generate a flow of high-quality theoretical and empirical research, and collaborations with industry provide mutual benefits for businesses and next-generation event professionals. Changes in the industry and education environments provide opportunities and challenges for events educators, but what is certain is that there is much to celebrate and discuss at the AEME 20th Anniversary Event Educators Forum.

The events management team at Sheffield Hallam University extends a warm invitation for you to share your research and successful teaching practice with colleagues, to learn from inspiring presentations and enjoy our hospitality at this year’s forum. The programme will include a variety of session types to enhance your conference experience.